This site is for lovely maidens/younger women who have a love for fantastic critters who help ease the burden of the day and help give a little love.

Do you find that life is getting you down? Is it getting hard to get through one day and into the next? You want to add a little fantasy flare to your life? I make poseable art dolls designed specifically to help alleviate those bothersome days. Either it would be at home or at work, or even in the car, my products come in several styles and functions, perfect to accommodate your lifestyle and unique personality.

I try to instill my core values into my business and my pieces, which are personal wellbeing, compassion, and personal fulfillment

Wellbeing because I understand that to achieve this can be hard in this day and age. If you aren’t happy or healthy then that is just no way to live. Which is why I strive to achieve this in my business and products. Designing them to help give a little boost to you so you can feel at your best and tackle the day.

Most of all I am compassionate. I take it upon myself to make sure everyone is happy and healthy. Seeing how doing that in person can be extremely hard, I have designed a product that allows me to help as many people as possible. Either that be through running charity auctions or giveaways through my shop.

Lastly, I want to help you achieve your personal goals. That way you can feel fulfillment in life wherever you go. Whether that be through my dolls healing benefits or through love and compassion of my brand.

How do I achieve these core values and instil them into the art dolls? I’m glad you asked!

Each doll is handcrafted by me, from start to finished. Ensuring that each one has its own personal charm and personality. While designing the dolls I focus on ensuring that they bring help and guidance to their future parents.

Whether it be anxiety, depression, or even anger, I design my dolls to ease these ailments using different therapies. Such as color therapy to help bring some life to the piece, aromatherapy to help bring joy to the room, healing crystals to help soothe the soul, and spiritual totems to help guide you through life.

These are there to enrich your life, because I value living a full fulfilling life more than anything. Sometimes getting to live that kind of life can get you down by day-to-day hardships.

My name is Samantha Beaumont. I live in lovely Stillwater Minnesota, in the states. My love for art started when my mother handed me a sketch pad when I was four. Since then, I took any art class available just to learn what the field had to offer. My love for art resulted in me getting an associate of fine arts degree.

My interest and love for art dolls started when I saw a beautiful doll made by an amazing artist. At the time, I was in a slump, because I had always wanted to be a comic book artist, but that avenue didn’t seem right for me. Having always had an interest for business myself, it seemed like a good fit and a great business venture, especially with my love of fantasy creatures and sculpting.

Shortly after getting my degree, I started my business in 2017. The business was also started because through the years I noticed that a lot of my friends suffered from numerous emotional troubles. Having a love for making things for other people, especially helpful crafts, I thought it would be a good direction to take a business. My family has always been invested in the alternative healing methods, and it was a good supplement for the dolls.