How to care for Posable Art Dolls

How to care for Posable Art Dolls

You adopted your first art doll or maybe it’s your fifth. You then realize you have no idea how to care or even store the little critter. Luckily for you, its easier than one would think. Just follow a few simple tips and your pieces will last for years.

Simple Cleaning

Like yourself, your doll can get dirty and you need to know how to properly clean them. In a perfect world, your posable art doll would never get dirty, sadly we don’t live in that world. First, let me just say that all art dolls and posable art dolls should stay out water, it will ruin the doll. To clean your doll you just need to use a damp paper towel. Not wet, damp. Psst, wet wipes also work. You then just need to wipe down your doll to remove any dust or dirt that may have collected on the doll. I would recommend doing this every time you are done using the doll and putting it away.

Brushing art dolls

Yes, The beautiful faux fur your art doll is made out of does need some TLC as well. Most art dolls are made out of faux fur which can get tangled and snarled. To keep your critters coat sleek and soft, you just need a comb and a little time. If your doll’s hair has gotten matted or tangled, then you will need an animal brush and gently use that to comb through the doll’s fur. Best to brush the doll before you put it away in storage. If you are having a hard time brushing through your posable art doll hair, just get some detangling spray. A little bit will help loosen the fur.

Dust Allergies

Worried about your dust allergies and your posable art doll possibly triggering it? No need to worry. There is a way around it. Whenever you are vacuuming your house, vacuum your little friend. Shocking? I know, but it actually works. Just add a hose attachment and slowly go over the fabric of its body. Take care not to harm the sculpted parts. Do this once a week and you are golden.

Don’t keep in extreme poses

Some people are big into yoga and even can touch your nose. Depending on your art doll, it can do it too, but this could cause this major problem. The fabric has a memory, bare with me, and if you leave it in ‘extreme yoga’ poses, it puts a lot of stress on the fabric, it will remember this and retain its shape. Meaning, you are going to have droopy stretched out fabric, making your art doll look like it flabby skin. It could also tear or rip the stitching on your doll.

Don’t over pose

Got a wire armature? This is for you. When I say over pose, I should say stressing your wire armature. When you are constantly playing with your doll and putting it into the same pose like four times a day you are actually weakening the wire. When you weaken it enough, it will break. Now you don’t want that. That requires a ship off to the artist for repairs. That’s why many artists say, art dolls are not toys.

Keep out of the sun

Everyone likes to get some rays. It actually good for you too, but as for your art doll, not so much. Its actually harmful to keep your art doll out in the sun for too long. They won’t get sunburn like you and me, but the sun rays can dull or even fade the colors of your doll. Which is called light bleaching. It’s what gives an old paper that tan dingy look. Going out on adventures together for a few hours is fine, but storing your art doll in a window or in direct sunlight, a big no-no. Do your friend a favor and keep them in a dry shadowy spot.

Smoke-Free Zone

Your art doll, like the next person, does not appreciate smoke. Either it is the kitchen smoke (I’m not making jabs at anyone’s cooking) or cigarette smoke. Smoke can add a terrible smell to your doll and even stain it. Which will be impossible to get out. If you do smoke, when you are not actively using your doll, put the doll in an airtight box. This will keep it in tip-top shape.

How to Store

Which brings up my next point. Always store your doll in a shaded or dark place. It will help with the fading of the colors. It is also good to put it in a place that won’t get a lot of dust. Especially if you won’t be using it for long periods of time. Also be sure to store it in an area that doesn’t experience extreme temperature differences, like really cold or hot. This can actually cause the sculpted part to crack and possibly break.

Maintenance of your posable art doll is always an investment in the future. Now you are armed and ready for the wonderful adventure of owning an art doll. Not as daunting as owning a puppy, right?