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This site is for lovely maidens/younger women who have a love for fantastic critters who help ease the burden of the day and help give a little love.

Do you find that life is getting you down? Is it getting hard to get through one day and into the next? You want to add a little fantasy flare to your life? I make poseable art dolls designed specifically to help alleviate those bothersome days. Either it would be at home or at work, or even in the car, my products come in several styles and functions, perfect to accommodate your lifestyle and unique personality.

  • What is an Art Doll - What is an art doll? I get this question all the time when I sell at conventions and fairs. But I have found that when I explain what an art doll is, they get even more confused. I only have limited time with them and a few sentences don’t really get the idea across. Which is why a blog post is perfect for this!
  • How to Clean Art Dolls - In a perfect world, your posable art doll would never get dirty, sadly we don't live in that world. There will be times that your posable friend will get dirty and it's not exactly common knowledge on how to clean them. That is the reason why I'm making this post for you poseable art doll owners.
  • How to care for Posable Art Dolls - You adopted your first art doll or maybe it's your fifth. You then realize you have no idea how to care or even store the little critter. Luckily for you, its easier than one would think. Just follow a few simple tips and your pieces will last for years.

There are no words to describe how incredible this piece is. Such amazing attention to detail and extremely poseable. I love her already!